PSA #1 :

Q1: They were trying to convey just how unhealthy teen smoking was, as well as trying to remove the element of ‘coolness’ associated with the habit.

Q2: It was very successful, especially with the images regarding the side effects of smoking.

Q3: The successful choices were all the images and the music. However, I felt it was a bit long and I stopped really paying attention during the beginning part before it switched perspectives.

PSA #2:

Q1: Their message was to show how unrealistic current college tuition costs are, especially as they are being put on teenagers.

Q2: It was successful in showing me.

Q3: The comparisons of college costs to prices of luxury items just showed the disparity and was very successful. However, the amount of words involved made it a bit tedious to read.

PSA #3:

Q1: The message was to discourage bullying, while bringing up how bullying can lead to thousands of teen suicide attempts.

Q2: It was successful, though a bit awkward and unrealistic.

Q3: Adding actors was a nice touch, but the scene was jilted and unrealistic. However, the sudden blood was very jarring and redirected the attention from where I thought the PSA was going.

PSA #4:

Q1: The message was to really stress what consent was. Not silence, or clothing, or being asleep.

Q2: It wasn’t very successful, because despite explaining what wasn’t consent, they never stress that consent must be given by words, leaving without a clear answer of what consent is.

Q3: The changing scenarios was successful, as well as the acted examples they portrayed.